Hoardings - Dealer Board

Nothing beats the level of visibility advertising on a roadside billboard (or a hoarding) with. Thousands of potential consumers viewing the ad throughout each day. At present LED billboards are the most popular option. Outdoor display advertising has always been a popular and effective medium of advertising while Electronic Digital Billboards offer most of the benefits of traditional outdoor display advertising and eliminate the disadvantages associated with flex billboards.


We at Helium Solutions are pleased to launch in Sri Lanka, an innovative unique media project as opposed to conventional outdoor advertising, particularly moving away from traditional synthetic flex hoardings to LED billboards, as we are much concerned in our national interest towards Sustainable development.

Helium is to establish an Island-wide eBillboard Network, erecting 100 units at most peak traffic congested roadside locations in Sri Lanka. Although the external nature of our eBillboards looks identically similar to other ebillboards but our internal system is completely different and would be unique. The entire network will be operated through a centralized base station almost like a broadcasting station Roadside TV.

Smart Bus Shelter Kiosk – a High Tech Station

Smart Bus Shelter & Kiosk, integrated in the bus stop is a new multifunctional facility for its users with new tech services coupled with a retail sales outlet. It is a high tech station with digital panels providing information and entertainment along with commercial advertisements. Wi-Fi and phone charging stations are meant to keep people connected while they wait. They can also use the interactive screens at the stop to learn about weather, news, and local events. The station is partially powered by solar panels.

Site Name Boards and Traffic Signs

We are working on a mega project with Police, Road Development, Urban Development and Local Government and Tourism Promotion Authority to fill the gap in erecting Street Name Boards, Town Boards, Tourist Attraction Sites, Distance Directions and Traffic Signs in the entire Country, creating an excellent opportunity to simply advertise in them.

Your first choice for all types of Premium Signs

We can manage everything from design to installation; traditional Signwriting to neon Illuminated Signage. We can consult you on the best signage solutions for your specific requirements, within your budget.

On Premise Displays and POSM

We have the expertise to analyzing the situation of your Point-of-Purchase or Point-of-Sale Displays (POP / POS) that requires in retail stores to attract consumer interest and promote your sales with appropriate POSM such as Pennants, Signs, Danglers, Hangers, Counter-Top and Floor Stand Displays.

Custom Stalls for Exhibitions & Portable Display

When you take part in your next exhibition, we can help you create concept, design the stall. Our in-house manufacturing, printing and execution team enables smooth execution to build your exhibition stall without hassles. We empower brands by means of turnkey solutions for exhibition stall designs and portable displays for Events and Brand Activation.

Stage & Backdrop

If you’re looking for something completely different, with a live, off-the-cuff feel, you got to choose someone special. In public events, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to creative temporary staging. We produce backdrops in various materials such as paper, cloth, muslin, canvas, vinyl and even velvet. We are ready to produce the perfect backdrop for any stage, photography or wedding settee back or any other occasion.

Vehicle Wraps Branding

Branding your vehicle helps establish your brand in great and cost-effective way to create a huge impact on thousands of your potential customers every day. When we design graphics for vehicles, we strive to use it as a mobile media channel. The application of the wrap allows you to remove it and returning the vehicle back to its original condition.